About Read Left

Read Left is an small home-based manga store located in Tennessee specializing in new and used manga. My name is Jessica, owner of Read Left. I am half Japanese and have always loved all things Japan, especially manga and anime! I want to provide those who share my passion (and those new to the wonderful world of manga) with great deals, careful packaging, and quick shipping so everyone can get the manga they've been waiting for! Whether you're beginning a new series or finishing up a set you've been working hard on, I hope Read Left will be your one-stop shop for manga!

If you don't see a specific manga/series on my store page, please reach out to me at masako@rlmanga.com to request a special order! I will check with my vendors to see if they have it in stock, otherwise I will search elsewhere to see if I can find what you're looking for.

Thank you for visiting rlmanga.com!